Orion’s Belt

Inspired to put big pictures of the planets, after having realised that if i go out to the front gate of the house and look up, i can see that some of the stars are brighter than others. Only after a bit of research (googling), i can be sure that it’s the Orion’s Belt of the Orion (constellation), straight up above my head, consistently present in the night view along with the moon. Because the house is facing east at The Equator line of western Java, Indonesia, in my view the three stars of the belt is aligning vertically.

Betelguese is the yellow star; Sirius (Canis Major) is at lower right outside the picture.

The research also lead to another fact, that the Orion formation can point the location of some big stars, one of them is Sirius of the Canic Major constellation, the brightest star in the night sky.

Yet, without any personal ambition to persue further education of astronomy academically, there are some scientific data that i would like to embrace myself:

Sun is sizing at 109 times earth in┬ádiameter, and 8’19” lightspeed away,

The earth’s natural satellite or the Moon is sizing at 1/4th earth in diameter, and 384,403 kilometers away,

and how long does it take to go to the Moon.

The Big Marbles

It’s been clear nights for quite some time now, the rain hasn’t come for a year until this evening, finally came.


… find Orion’s Belt in Marla’s painting


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