Trip To Cibodas

Today is spent for recovery, after been through an extraordinary physical challenge. Drained but enlightened.


Trip to Cibodas

Yesterday was the event, after been postphone for a week, the activity was initiated. It was Trip KARANG TARUNA (Youth Organization) of my neighborhood.

Perticipated by some fifty of it’s members. The trip was made on Kebun Raya Cibodas (Cibodas Botanical Garden), located in Taman Nasional Gunung Gede Pangrango [National Park]. Taking part also, elderlies for their role as the youth advisor. And children accompanying their parents, where on this perticular event the matter was attended, that some are still classified as youth member no matter the status.

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The activity was scheduled for six hours, consist of sets of games, advisory speaches, meals and tour in the resort. Carried out successfully and the activities went according to plan.

And an element which is not much of a surprise, as the rain in the region is highly frequent and it’s of our awareness, still everybody got well wet, including the children. But luckily nothing bad happened, only that AC’ed bus is not that comfortable to be in with soaking wet clothes, and the AC cannot be turned off due to temperature adjustment with the outside moisture conditions. Some really suffered, endurably, on the way home.

…………… Somewhat refreshing


Also Happening:

*Pres. Barrac Obama visit Indonesia [9 /10 Nov. 2010]

*Mount Merapi Erupting [26 Oktober 2010, still erupting]


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