The Good Water, essential

We were once water creature.

We didn’t know it until we see  hysteroscopy or 3D ultrasound images on the internet, how it is a baby spending 9 months in mother’s womb, growing and and getting bigger until it’s time for birth.


And not long,  it’s… in the water again.

baby in water

Seven babies sit in tummy tubs filled with water to cool down after a baby massage class held for young mothers in IJmuiden

Many important things have not come to many people’s awareness, of how water plays important decisive role in life. Water existence determine the state of our being, considering human biological mechanism that is in the whole dependence of good, natural water support.

It is because of unawareness, people seem to ignore the importance of giving good considerations of water usage. A tendency which lead to a habit of wasting the opportunity to get the most from water. Littering, poisoning and over exploiting the water is, sadly to say, happen to be the very natural behaviours in societies of many developing countries.

This critical circumstances i can personally say, a phenomenon resulted from the lack of knowledge. The knowledge of how good water gives us benefits.

Drink water

Healthy drink

irrigation water

Good irrigation

sea whale

Home for resourceful animals

Water reservoir

Good ecosystem


Efficient water transportation

water energy

Renewable energy

Lucky us, chances are there for us to overcome this urgent matter, since it is becoming widely acceptable the need to preserve good water environment, and the campaign is becoming quite a popular trend.

In the pursue of better conditions on all aspects of life, water is decisive. As the good water environment will serve best to a good life quality, spiritually and biologically.


The alpha and the omega, the good water is.

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